It’s Here!! – The First “In C” 50th Anniversary Celebration Event – Tax Day@Motorco

Great joy came this week with Xopher Thurston’s announcement of an evening of musical improvisation that will include the first of a series of “In C” playshops. I am calling the performances “playshops” because we will play around with the piece and all of its parts, not necessarily playing the piece in its entirety. I have ideas for approaches to the piece that will allow the musicians to look at and think about the patterns in different ways. I think of these approaches as templates.

The Quaker Meeting Template-
The musicians sit and meditate on the score until a certain pattern calls out to be played. Play as many repititions as loud or soft as seems appropriate. Play this pattern as often as feels right in the moment. This template contains lots of silence and the potential for great joy.

The Conversation Template-
The musicians choose from the amongst the patterns and make conversations with each other. This requires knowing the score a bit more intimately. It is important to keep the conversational flow, which would include silences, overlaps and some vocal tics. This template demands that more of the space be filled, that some conversational phrases be made up of multiple patterns strung together and that we engage in whatever feeling of connection we usually bring to a conversation – eye contact, laughter, turn taking for the most part. We will use the eighth note pulse to ground this template.

The Tristan Tzara Template-
Put all the phrases on large pieces of cardboard. One phrase per board. Divide the boards randomly amongst the players. If there are 7 people playing then each player would have 7 – 8 phrases. No one or everyone would have Pattern 35. The pulse would begin and everyone works in their patterns in what ever order. Very free form. It ends when it ends.

I have scheduled several attunments at my house with folks who are interested in playing. We might try some of these templates. If you are a musician, living in the Triangle area, and would like to participate in this project, please contact me and I will let you know more details.

Here is the lowdown on the whole show and some links to works by The Empty Sound:

opening the ears to thought

at Motorco Music Hall
Tuesday April 15th
show at 8pm
$ 0 (donations appreciated)

10pm Triangle Improv Music Exchange
Improvisational musicians from around the triangle have been invited to participate in this group. Featuring veterans of the MicroEast Collective, Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra and numerous adhoc groups, T.I.M.E. can also include you! Feel free to bring a sound-making device to join in or just be a part by listening. This is not an open-mic nor a “jam session” but an open group improvisation.

Everyone welcome to participate or just enjoy

9pm dejacusse
A sound artist and electronic music composer/performer who is spending 2014 celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic composition, “In C” by Terry Riley. This will showcase electronic and acoustic elements of this exploration.

8pm The Empty Sound (duo)
Improv music in the American idiom. The Empty Sound include some “traditional melodic” elements in additional to more textural sound. This is a strong incubator for incredible and reliable music!

Brother “TJ” Goode – drums, percussion, etc.
Christopher “X” Thurston – double bass,

Recording with Clotilde Rullaud, Paris France

This will be a “pass the hat” event in the Showroom.
Please alert folks whom might be interested in this!

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