The Frequency of Things

The world of frequencies and harmonics is an amazing realm. “In C” is a score that contains a phenomenal depth of frequency potential as we have seen in our short time with the piece. And what about the power of frequency in a world made up of vibration and spin? Once, when I participated in a guided meditation, the guidance was “you are ALL of sound!” and I balked because I felt the awesome power of that identity. Vibrating air molecules may be the simple gesture that is the great resonant bridge between the physical realm and the quantum realm.

It makes sense that sound can impact the vibratory molecular make up of the entire Universe, as we know it. First, we know that certain frequencies can alter our physical realities. The most common example is a singer shattering a crystal glass with her voice. What happens is that the singer sings a pure tone that matches the resonant frequency of the glass at such a powerful amplitude that the violent vibrations cause it to break. There usually needs to be a small flaw in the glass and the singer must belt the tone at around 100 dBl SPL. So we know that violent vibrations can wrend the integrity of already flawed material. This may be some kind of cosmic law regarding the vibration of resonant frequencies. But what about sounds that are softer and soothing, or bubbly and staccatto? And more varied frequencies played with the dynamic intention of love? Does material existence become diseased and decayed when it loses its resonant frequency? Can healing happen through entrainment with root resonant frequencies?

The law of entrainment is one of the most beautiful laws of physics. The law was first noted by Christiaan Huygens in 1667 when he observed two clock pendulums set in oppositional motion come into alignment with each other. The principle comes from energy seeking the most efficient means of expression. More energy is used unnecessarily when things are out of sync. So, ultimately, the whole of vibrating reality seeks the highest vibration available in the moment. If we must have laws, that is an awesome law to have in operation.

In this world of vibrant frequencies, each object and event will have a resonant frequency that is stabilizing or shifting it in this moment. Trudie said today she found it “scary” to think that everything is in a constant state of flux and we are not aware of the movement. Things appear stable and solid, but this is merely an illusion created by vibrating molecules of trapped photon light in motion interacting with our marvelous earthsuit- the body. It is scary and sacred at the same time, or, as Grace Jones put it, “scary, but fun.”

My thinking on all this is still a hodge-podge as the Universe brings new information in everyday. Brian Greene explaining the Theory of Special Relativity, where I learn a concept called “justified.” I am justified in my conclusions based on my assessment of the data at hand. This is part of The Observer Effect. As example, Greene said we would be “justified” in concluding that the sun revolves around the earth based on what we can observe from this earth-bound vantage point. Then, Dr. Robert Lanza makes a case for a theory of the Universe that asserts that, without our earthsuits and the perceptions allowed by our senses, there would be no Universe. The Universe is an orchestrated light and sound show that cannot manifest without consciousness aware of it through perception. When I close my eyes, the room disappears. And the only way to wrap your mind around that is to be able to remove yourself from the equation. Which sounds like it would be the opposite of Dr. Lanza’s hypothesis called Biocentrism. So, I am sure I made a few quantum leaps and possible misrepresentations here, and I have presented my current sense of these ideas to the best of my understanding. The highest vibe simply says your work is to know the sounding world and share it with others.

This concept of reality, this ever moving, constantly changing framework for the world I live in is difficult to embrace in its totality. In other words, I don’t get it. Not really. And I really want to get it. At this point in my life, I am a devoted seeker of a deep understanding/knowing of the divine essence of reality that is audio vibrational frequency. Probably beyond audio frequencies, but that is a good place to start for me as I am very at home in my ears. And “In C” is my resonant template and frequency generator. I am using “In C” like a person without sight might use a cane and her hands to know a world she doesn’t fully comprehend.

Our second attunement happened yesterday with Xopher, Susanne and Chris Eubank in attendance. we focused in on two sections of “In C” that are interesting and accessible. Playing Patterns 8 through 14 allows us to begin and end with long tone phrases. The long tones are a nice beginning and ending place for all the players. Then we worked with Patterns 48 through to the end, which begins with long tones and ends with eighth note patterns swirling around the sonic space. We are taking the tempo at 60 pulses per minute, which is signifigantly slower than most recordings of “In C.”

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am developing ensembles of voices that I like and that showcase the harmonics of “In C.” For the fledgling outing of this year long celebration of “In C” at 50 years, I will feature the Music Box Ensemble. This group of voices tends to be high and shimmery with lots of harmonics spinning around. Here is a snapshot of the frequency curve when all the MBE voices were playing Patterns 8 through 14 in the Sun (Ra) Room.


The first thing I thought of when I saw this image was that it looked like a bowl or a pregnant belly. The acoustics tonight will be different as we are in a larger space with more people and competing frequencies. I plan to analyze the frequency spectrum at different places in Motorco during sound check in order to make comparisons and learn a bit more about the frequency of things.

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