Computer (mis) Adventures

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my computer locked me out. I took it to Intrex in Durham (where I bought the computer in 2009) and Tim, who is very friendly and knowledgable on many things including fixing computers, diagnosed and fixed the problem. He could not access my computer and had to make an image of the hard drive in order to save my documents and tunes. The image seems to be like a clone that is missing all the operating softwares. Then my hard drive was erased and all the standard operating software was reloaded so it was basically like new. Then the image of my hard drive was loaded as backup file on the computer.

Then came the reloading of the various softwares that are important to my sound work. Ableton, Audacity, a few VST plug-ins, Audio Converter, were immediate needs. When I went into Ableton and checked out project files, I discovered missing files and missing instruments. I took this as a redirect from the Universe to reaudition the ensemble voices for “In C.” So the Percussion Choir was reconfigured with fewer beat repeat instruments. I enjoyed the artifacts that the extra beats created, but decided to go for a cleaner sound since it is entirely percussion sounds except for the woodwind on the long tones. I will experiment with purely percussion at some point by dropping out the woodwind. Or put the beat repeat instruments in place of the woodwind to fill out the long tones. It was great to be back in the studio with the fresh perspective of a (sort of) new beginning.

When the computer is the space wherein creativity takes place, a malfunction of this nature can be daunting and a bit panicy feeling. I realize how fortunate I am to have other creative avenues that are NOT tied to a computer. Playing percussion and leading singing response during The Full Shanti kirtans keeps me grounded in basic rhythm making and helps me grow new neural pathways as I maintain the beat while singing different parts. Writing songs, playing marimba, ukelele, percussion and singing with Jody Cassell, Dancing Storyteller, keeps the creative juices flowing. Both of these sounding opportunities are wonderful collaborations in which I am honored and excited to take part.

I am aware of my dependence on the electro-magnetic field, quantum mechanics, and digital technology to express myself creatively. And I never want to lose sight of the fact that as long as I have a body I can listen and play with sounds.

Then, when the body is gone-
pure frequencies
till my wave function collapses once again.

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