My Secret Identity

I adopted Rob Brezsny as one of my long term gurus after reading Free Will Astrology/Leo horoscopes in The Independent for a year. Week after week, Rob would speak to some important aspect of my life or get me asking questions through the lens of his oracular perspective. Then there were the occasional weeks when I scratched my head and forgot about it. But he was with me enough to get me interested.

Now me and thousands of others throughout the world are friends with Rob on Facebook. Rob sends us beautiful pictures, essays, poems to start your heart, ideas for mayhem and assorted baubles of joy every day, often multiple times a day. Rob’s book “Pronoia is the The Antidote to Paranoia” is my Bible. A lot of what he shares comes from there.

On July 28, 2014, Rob’s newsletter contained this homework assignment:

Make up a secret identity for yourself. What is it? How do you use it? Testify at

My Testimonial:

I have never known what to do with my power to go unnoticed, to fly under the radar. Then I realized this is the space to cultivate my secret identity-The Love Sniper.

When I am in a public place, I love watching people. While I watch, my mind makes random and usually unhelpful comments (“bad haircut”,”nice jacket”,”love those shoes.”) But then, all of a sudden, I will REALLY see one particular person. I zero in on that person, I breathe into my heart and shoot love energy out through my eyes. I pull the trigger of my mind which shouts “I love you!” loudly, fiercely, with a steely compassion. The person is struck, then moves on.

Heart open, mind quiet, I await my next victim.

Day 2:

Today I discovered that I am not the only Love Sniper around. I was in line at Costco; the clerk was a tall, muscular guy with short brown hair in small spikes down over his forehead. His face was full of tension, like a permanent scowl. He appeared to be in a great deal of emotional pain. I was preparing my heart with breaths, ready to shoot nametag “Tim” with a love shot, when I noticed the man in front of me. He was shorter, rounder and slightly older than the clerk. He wore droopy red basketball shorts, a baggy t-shirt and a ball cap. As he waited for his change, he looked deeply at Tim’s face. I watched his eyes move tenderly over his scowling countenance. He never dropped his gaze as he gently said, “Thank you, Tim” and took his change from Tim’s hand. When I moved up, Tim did not make eye contact, but I noticed a slight ease in his demeanor. Nice job, Brother Love Sniper, nice job!

Day 3:

I got sniped today by a tall man waiting for the bus. I was walking in downtown Durham, and as I approached him, he got a big smile on his face. Our eyes met as I got nearer and he said, “Good morning!” and I gave him the same love back. I felt lighter and full of joy.

Day 4:

As I walked up the steps from the Durham Farmer’s Market, I was behind a young woman carrying her toddler son. He was bouncing his face off her shoulder and saying “I love you” over and over, then she kissed his head and said, “I love you, too.” Just then he and I made eye contact. He smiled, then hid behind his Mom – a Love Sniper-In-Training.

It appears there is an army of Love Snipers out here. Feel free to join us.

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