Something About Waking Up

Going through the Jude’s Tunes file, I came upon a piece called “Awaken”. Hmmmmmm, I had just titled the first part of another piece that same thing. So I listened to it and heard immediately why it was called “Awaken” – this piece tells a story of waking up to the heart-opening joy that lies in the midst of chaos. The place of the true anarchist! So I renamed the piece, “Into Great Lightness”.

This piece exemplifies a sound painting to me. The theme is one of emergence and unfolding. The point of view is first person, which means that headphones give the full experience of the piece. The movement is out and through. The ending is not right- as is so often the case! I invite you to listen to it again with these ideas in mind. As with most painters, I am curious if others hear the story, or a variation on the theme. It amazes me that so much can be said with just 12 tones in shifting relation to each other.

I want to wake up and I want to sleep. Daily I feel less of the world, and yet more in the world than I have ever been. While oppression and injustice abound, none of it seems to hold a candle to the self-inflicted variety that most of us suffer from. I think the institutionalized oppression is the mirror for our own focus on suffering. One of the ways to shift the oppression is to focus on the day-to-day joys within this gift of lived experience. Most everything else is none of my business.

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