the idiosyncratic beats of dejacusse ft. Jude Casseday

I am a sound artist and electronic music composer/performer who is spending 2014 celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic composition, “In C” by Terry Riley.
I will be playing with the score each day and exploring the piece through a variety of voicings and instrumentations available in Ableton Live DAW and in collaboration with other interested musicians.
I feel that “In C” generates healing vibrations when experienced in a live venue and when listened to through headphones. Acoustics, psychoacoustics, sound healing, and binaural vibrations will inform my exploration of the healing power of this work.
I hope to discover many harmonic and polyrhythmic gems through repeated playings in various venues with a multitude of collaborators.
And I will be blogging about the experience here. I invite you to read and comment on the weekly posts. Please feel free to share your own personal insights or experiences you may have with these topics. Thanks and enjoy!

The year is complete, but my escursions into the sonic richness of “In C” are not. The piece is very dense and full of much still to be found. I spent the year opening the piece up through a variety of voices in Ableton and by listening more closely to the building blocks of the piece. I unloosened the already pretty relaxed performance parameters laid out by Mr. Riley. I studied slices of the piece- blocks of consecutive patterns- and song sets- groupings of patterns according to random characteristics such as “all the long tone patterns.” I played with the tempo by slowing the piece way down from all of the recorded versions. The collaborations with other musicians and the playing of “In C” for an audience did not happen to the extent envisioned above.
I am continuing my studies and experiments in acoustics/psychoacoustics, binaural vibrations and sound healing. Also continuing to learn and explore Ableton Live, compose soundscapes, and create sound art. Please visit me and read/listen/see what I am up to. Also please feel free to peruse and comment on this blog as well.
Thank you for your kind attention.

3 thoughts on “the idiosyncratic beats of dejacusse ft. Jude Casseday

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